Deco Cushions with Photo Prints: the Ideal Interior Styles

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Deco cushions help to unconventionally integrate a photographic artwork into one's home or office. With its purely aesthetic function, a photograph becomes a part of a highly functional object - a cushion. Such artistic and functional accessory will be an asset to the following interior styles:

Scandinavian style
In most northern countries, winters are long and sunny days are rather scarce. No wonder in such a climate one longs for more sunlight. So the walls are usually painted in white and pastel colors.

Colorful accessories, such as deco cushions with prints or patterns, help to enliven such a serene and light interior. The accessories should be bright and simple, but no way excessive. It should only be a “splash of color”. A pair of colorful deco cushions with photographs or patterns will look harmoniously and stylishly.

Though it is worth mentioning in the Scandinavian countries patterns always prevail over photographic images. Most Scandinavian brands are famous for their geometric patterns, ethnic motifs, sea stripes etc. Why? Scandinavian countries are predominantly Protestant. Protestants avoid icons in churches and do not worship these visual representations instead of God. Protestant values of simplicity and rationality explain the Scandinavian designers' affection for simple geometric shapes.

The Scandinavian interior style is unlikely to lose its relevance in the near future. It will remain a perfect choice for small or narrow apartments whatever the climate. The white walls always make a room look bigger. Due to the growing population, skyrocketing apartment prices in megacities and depleting resources across the globe, the number of small apartments will only increase.

Loft style
A classic loft is an apartment in a former industrial building: a factory, warehouse or utility room from a few hundred square meters. Hence, loft-style apartments in classical residential buildings look less fake when they are pretty large, have high ceilings and large windows.

Original bright eye-catching accessories such as deco cushions of more dense fabric with urban photo prints will be highly appropriate. For instance, cushions with graffiti prints, urban landscapes of big cities and modern architecture. Just throw a couple of such stylish cushions on the floor, and the brutal loft will look softer and cozier.

The minimalist interior style appeared due to the new technologies: a minimum of stuff, a maximum of functionality. Each item must perform as many functions as possible. The minimalist interior is mostly monochrome but does include bright contrasting details. Complement the minimalist style with bright „splashes of color“: deco cushions with patterns, monochrome photos or photos with one predominant color. The rule here: use up to five colors.

Mediterranean style
The Mediterranean style is quite an original choice in the interiors in Northern Europe. It creates an atmosphere of vacation and recreation. Deco cushions with sea, sun, vegetation, architecture and street life of Mediterranean cities will help you create the Mediterranean flair.

The only bad idea would be to lay the Mediterranean tiles on the floors of a bedroom when it snows outside. It would be like to put wooden floors in the south of Spain.

Very often, interior designers combine parts of different styles to create eclectic interiors. The main rule is to never combine more than two or three stylistic trends. The eclectic interior is actually the hardest to create. The mixed styles must be compatible. So the smaller the apartment, the harder it is to succeed.

Decorative pillows will be an asset to an eclectic apartment only if they complement other accessories (for example, the same color or texture) or are related to them thematically (for instance, Berlin theme). Otherwise, an apartment will resemble a storage room.

Of course, deco cushions with prints also belong to balconies and terraces! There is more freedom in choosing colors and themes of decorative pillows with photo prints. The main criterion will be an artwork itself. For instance, if you adore Barcelona and love the Mediterranean flair, your choice is obvious.

And the last but not the least: any home accessory must be needed, loved and be in harmony with its owner. Deco cushions should not be bought because they were on sale (although our society of overconsumption will be grateful). Home accessories should emotionally connect with us as their owners and reflect our life experiences and interests. Only then they will serve long and get upcycled with care.

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