Mind Your Back! Optimal Deco Cushions for Hard Chairs

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In times of increased mobility, not all of us always spend our working time in comfortable chairs. Unsurprisingly, our back starts to hurt. To avoid more serious back problems in the future, we should strive for maximum comfort for our back whatever the work circumstances. And if there is no orthopedic pillow or a good ergonomic office chair available, then a deco cushion might do us favour. How to choose the right size?

A pillow must fit the minimal functional sizes of the furniture to be comfortable for our back. There are different standards across the globe but they all refer to the anthropometric characteristics of a human. In Russia, for instance, the following sizes of office chairs have been standardized by the state regulation on household furniture and functional dimensions of furniture for sitting and lying, GOST 13025.2 - 85.

The width of a seat of an office chair in its broadest part should be at least 36 cm. The height of an office chair back should be from 34 to 40 cm (picture 1) and from 36 to 50 cm (picture 2) if a chair is used for having meals and rest.

Hence, deco cushions to lean on while working should be at least 40x40cm. However, higher vertical pillows - for example, of 40x50cm or 40x55cm - will suit even better if you often lean on a chair's back to get some rest. Such a cushion might be especially helpful when a chair is too deep and the backrest gets too far away from the edge.

Deco cushions of an appropriate size will not only create comfort for your back but will also fulfill their decorative function. For instance, a colorful cushion will help to quickly refresh the interior of your office or home office.

Functional deco cushions might also be used by freelancers and digital nomads who travel often and have to work for hours in different cafes on the chairs they do not choose. One can also take a nap on a cushion on the train or the airplane.

Cushions with vertical photographic prints look more original, as they are rarer on the market than standard square or horizontal ones. However, the final choice is a question of taste.

And please mind your back every single day! If you haven't turned it into a habit yet, then it is the right time to do it: take hourly breaks and incorporate some arm and leg stretches into these breaks.

Useful tips on how to increase mobility of your back, reduce its stiffness, improve circulation and take back pain away can be found, for instance, on the webpage of the Mind Your Back campaign that was launched in the UK in 2017. There is no need for any special equipment: only you, whether at your office desk, at home or even on your daily commute: mindyourbackuk.com.

Mind your back!
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    By : Lubov On January 19th 2019

    Irina, thank you for sharing the article and for a useful link! I will try to mind my back!

    Replied by : Irina Golenkova Ferrero Lubov, you are welcome! Thanks for reading!

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