The impact we have on the environment as a business is extremely important for us:


Most photographic artistic trips across Europe are made by trains or buses, inside the city on foot or by bicycle.


We collaborate exclusively with artisans and small artisan companies, who put sustainability at their core. So our products are largely based on natural organic or recycled materials.

We try to give as detailed information as possible to our customers regarding the whole production chain, through detailed product characteristics.


We try to avoid plastics in the packaging, use recyclable paper mailbags wherever it is possible. We avoid brand stickers, etc. to make packaging as reusable as possible.

We try to reduce to the minimum the amount of void space in a package.

We reuse all the original boxes and packaging that are made at the original point of production.

We use corrugated cardboard instead of bubble plastic wrap.


We explicitly advise customers not to be in a hurry, choose standard delivery and avoid urgent plane delivery where possible.


We write a blog for our customers on environmental topics around the interior decoration, encourage them to reuse packaging, use recycled accessories (e.g. photo frames).

Tree as a gift

To make a positive difference for the environment, we give a tree as a gift to our every 10th customer. We purchase a tree that gets planted in his/her honour in a needed area in the forest in Europe, and the recipient gets a digital gift card with information about his/her tree.

How a gift as a tree makes a difference? Among other things, trees:

Improve air quality by trapping pollutants in their leaves, while also producing oxygen

Create habitats for animals and even other plants

• Help reduce energy consumption and costs (when near homes), blocking sunlight and wind to help reduce cooling and heating costs and energy use

Reduce flooding and erosion, as tree roots help hold soil in place and their broad canopies disperse rain, allowing it to drip rather than rush

Lower the amount of dust, pollen, and smoke in the air, trapping them in among the leaves and branches

Improve mood and behaviour, as research shows that trees produce a relaxing effect in humans while promoting health and healing

Help the climate by taking in carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and more. Just one tree can take in more than a ton of carbon dioxide over its lifespan.

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