The unofficial motto of our brand is the famous phrase of the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: "Less is more." Similar to other Bauhaus followers of the 1920s, Rohe advocated for the simplicity and functionality of interiors and avoided the bourgeois decor excesses of the past. Although minimalist trends developed throughout the 20th century, the 70s were of special significance: vivid colours of pop art revitalized monotonous minimalist backgrounds. It was a very successful amalgamation of functionality and creativity.

While the problems of climate change and the abuse of natural resources were not yet so acute last century, they are today. Minimalism in interior design and decor is not just a matter of taste anymore but of urgency for our planet. To decorate almost every square meter of space, one has to consider not just bourgeois excesses but a senseless waste of resources, especially with heavy, fragile or short-life items. Contemporary minimalistic interiors chime in with the environmental views of its owners.

Besides, less today means more years of usage. We believe that home decor accessories should not be fashionable this season, but instead be beloved, long-life, repairable and upcyclable as well as light and compact enough (or modular) to be taken to one's new home with less energy waste.

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